Tiny Dancers

This Dance Program is designed especially for the Tiny Dancers, Ages 2-5 years old.



Young Ballet Class


 Tuesday at 6:00pm

Students will learn Beginning Jazz techniques and Vocabulary. Short Combinations, Sequences, Choreography, and various tricks will be introduced.  Students will also be taught a new skill each week to promote Rythym and Coordination. Introduction to Isolation and body control. Students will participate in our Annual Christmas Showcase in December 2018. Students must be registered by 10/1/2018 in order to participate in our Annual Christmas Showcase, costumes will be required to purchase.  Drop Ins welcome. Drop Ins not required to participate in Annual Showcase.

Young Ballerinas


Monday at 4:45pm

Beginning Tumbling helps students gain an understanding of Tumbling. Students must be able to listen and follow directions properly. Students will learn Cartwheel Round-off, Bridge, Walking Bridge, Handstand, One Handed Cartwheel,  Summersault. This Class will not participate in the Annual Showcase. Competition Team Member Access Granted. Drop Ins Welcome.

Moms and Babies


Saturday at 10:00am & 11:00am

Beginner Class for Students New to Dance. Teaches students basic instruction in all genres of dance including, hip hop, ballet, jazz, contemporary, tumbling during 45 minute session. Emphasizes on building character and making new friends. Class will participate in Annual Showcase in December 2018. Class will also be required to purchase Costume for Annual Showcase. All Students participating in this class must be registered students of Aurora Monroe School of Dance.

Young Ballet Dancer


Monday at 4:00pm

Introduction  to Ballet, this class is a Beginner Class. Pre-Requisite Creative Movement. Students will learn beginning Ballet moves and vocabulary. Will also learn history of Ballet and Foundations of Dance. Students must wear black leotard and pink tights and black or pink ballet shoes. Students will perform in Annual Christmas Showcase in December 2018 and be required to purchase a costume. Competition Team members access granted. Drop Ins welcome. Drop Ins not required to participate in Annual Showcase.

Little Gymnast


M-W-F 10:00AM
Saturday at 9:00AM
Sunday at 10:00AM & 11:00AM

Mommy & Me is the perfect class to get you up and moving with your little ones. Designed to promote dance and healthy lifestyle for our smallest dancers ages 1 to 4 years old. Meet other Moms and build beginning friendships for your little ones. This class is 45 min in duration.

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